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Aktuelle Veranstaltungen zum Mont Terri Projekt


for the planning of the Phase 25 programme
Step  Activity  When 
Evaluation of the needs for new experiments, experiment proposals Until Dec 2019
Distribution of new experiment proposals not yet included in the programme Until Jan 2020 
Deadline for the delivery of draft 5-pager by the PI’s

24 January 2020

Technical Meeting TM-38, Porrentruy


29/30 Jan 2020 


Deadline for the delivery of final 5-pager by the PI’s

25 Feb 2020

Distribution of the first draft of the programme proposal

26 March 2020

Steering Meeting SM-82 hosted by swisstopo, selection of ongoing and new experiments for Phase 26


2 April 2020,

video conference

Elaboration of the second draft of the programme proposal for Phase 26, including ongoing and new experiments


mid-April 2020

Distribution of the second draft of the programme proposal 29 April 2020

Steering Meeting SM-82, hosted by swisstopo. Agreement on Phase 26 programme, financial contributions of the Partners


14 May 2020

video conference

11 Application to RCJU for authorisation of the Phase 26 programme End of May 2020 
12 Expected autorisations by RCJU  1 July 2020