Development of methods

One group of experiments comprises the development of new research and measurement methods, particularly adapted to the Opalinus Clay, such as, new excavation and drilling methods, extraction of...

The most important experiments

Experiments have been carried out at the Mont Terri rock laboratory since 1996: this page contains a list of some of the most important ones.

FAQs and answers

During the visits to the Mont Terri rock laboratory similar questions are often asked to the guides. Below the five most frequent questions are answered briefly.

Characterisation of Opalinus Clay

Opalinus Clay is being investigated as a potential host rock for the storage of nuclear waste due to its very low hydraulic conductivity, self-sealing of open cracks and fissures, and excellent...

New Experiments Gallery 2018

The excavation gives space and opportunities for many new and exciting experiments.

Demonstration experiments

Demonstration experiments show the feasibility for a future deep geological repository for radioactive waste and the thermal-hydraulic-mechanical (THM) response of Opalinus Clay. These experiments...

Experiment portfolio

The Mont Terri rock laboratory is a generic laboratory. It will never house a deep repository. The research focuses on the safe storage of radioactive waste and the technical feasibility of a deep...