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New Experiments Gallery 2018

A new research programme has emerged thanks to the ideas and joint efforts of the 19 partners of the Mont Terri project and the academic world. This momentum helped raise the funds needed to expand the laboratory and accommodate these new experiments. The construction of Gallery 18 and its adjoining niches almost doubles the surface area of the current laboratory.

Map of the new experiments in Ga18
Map of the new experiments in Ga18

Digging new drifts offers a unique opportunity to study hydro-mechanical disturbances in Opalinus clays (MB-A), the influence of fault zones on drift stability (PF), to test different types of supports (TS) or to evaluate the sensitivity of clays to moisture in ventilated or unventilated air (CD-A). In addition to full-scale  well sealing experience (SW), the new program offers a large range of innovative experiments in the field of CO2 geological storage (CL, CS-D, FS-B).


List of new experiments:

CD-A: Influence of humidity on cyclic and long term deformations

CL: CO2LPIE-CO2 Long-term pulse injection

CS-D: Caprock/fault sealing integrity: Testing of a fault subjected to CO2 injection

FS-B: Imaging the long term loss of faulted host rock integrity

HF: Hydraulic fracturing mine-back experiment

HC: Hydrogeological characterization of the transition Opalinus Clay - Passwang Fm

MB-A: Mine-by Test: HM characterization of the sandy facies

PF: Progressive rock mass failure and overbreak in fault zones

SW: Large-scale Sandwich seal experiment

TS: Testing different tunneling support in sandy facies