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Participating companies and institutions

Companies from the private sector and public research institutions (universities, colleges) in Switzerland and abroad – referred to here as contractors – who receive research contracts for the Mont Terri Project.

Based on the proposals and recommendations of the experiment manager, the steering committee awards contracts to the contractors (private companies, public research organisations such as universities and colleges). The Mont Terri project manager (see Organisation) then grants the relevant contracts to the contractors. These contracts specify the work to be done, the product (measurements, evaluation, computer models, reports), the schedule, and the payment terms. The Mont Terri project manager carries out cost controlling and, once the experiment manager and director have approved the accounts, makes the payments.

More than 150 contractors from Switzerland and abroad have already been awarded contracts from the Mont Terri Project. Around 20% of turnover remains within the Canton of Jura.

The legal status of the Mont Terri Consortium, an organisation of 22 international partners, is a simple partnership of private and public organisations.