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Swiss Federal Government

The role of the federal government in the Mont Terri Project: management of the Mont Terri research programme, operation, safety, and maintenance of the Mont Terri rock laboratory.

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At the beginning of 2006, swisstopo (the Swiss Geological Survey and competence centre for geodata), became involved in the Mont Terri Project. Since then, swisstopo has been responsible for the running and maintenance of the rock laboratory and the management of the research projects at Mont Terri in St-Ursanne. Due to the increasing strategic significance of the rock laboratory – partly because the laboratory is in Opalinus Clay, the primary host rock for highly radioactive waste in Switzerland – swisstopo has decided to take on the rock laboratory as one of the core tasks of the Swiss Geological Survey. The federal government also guarantees absolutely neutral management of the rock laboratory. The stability and continuity of the Mont Terri Project are also assured, thereby improving the safety of the freeway tunnel and the users of the rock laboratory.